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12 May 2019 14:25

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Have you ever spoken to someone or have you been frustrated? "What is wrong?" Strongly say that nothing is wrong?

The more you investigate, the more resistant they are. Something is wrong, but they will not be open. They stop it emotionally and leave it at the end. Liteblue Login The problem is that you ask them to open themselves in the way they do not raise them for generations.

We have been taught that do not like any troubled or depressed person, so do not leave your emotions or people will not like you. This is very interesting because it goes back to the old rule. It is written; "God can not enter the unhappy and heavy heart." For 3000 years, we are taught that we should always be happy, so that people and people will truthfully, ignore it or hide it.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that you do not feel negative, but you feel it and keep it inside, for which you reject your feelings for going inside the day. If your knee has got hurt and you continue to exercise without interruption, by ignoring the pain, you will only permanently spoil your knee.

In addition to the horrors of violent incidents in America, there are very few fatal programs on a regular basis, and I want to share my opinion about why this happens. If you do not primarily blast you can experience similar problems.

British word; "Keep a strong upper lip" means never show your worries or emotions (because when you are afraid, the upper lip is shaking and he wants to be afraid of fighting in the front).

Many of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and British areas have inherited the British and Judeo-Christian heritage. There are many other cultures that are subject to this article and the issue of emotional sensitivity.

In addition to catching all your emotions, which is very unnatural and unhealthy, the catalyst for an emotional explosion is a quick thought that we should be emotionally open and express our emotions. We have been told that expressing our feelings is good and healthy because we feel them, but our deep roots of cultural conditioning generations tell us that it is completely prohibited.

It is said that it is good to open, but to increase everything inside, people burst inside, follow it, and eventually break off from the outside. In the meantime, there is strong pressure in internal conflict which gives rise to mental and physical ailments.

The Sufi story is about Sultan who insulted a very powerful mystic and then cursed Sultan that he can not give up. After two weeks, the pain became unbearable and Sultan's doctors could not treat any problem. He told Sultan that if he had all that he would die.

They brought mysticism to Sultan, who apologized. When asked if he could be right, Sultan said; "Half of my kingdom." Deals were made and weeks of pain were announced. The mystic asked his friends to see an empire, which was now half his owner and said, "I have bought it all."

We keep our emotions within ourselves and are afraid that if we declare our true feelings, then everyone will run away. Liteblue Login On the other hand, we are very much in violation of natural human needs to express our feelings. What will you do to be emotionally free?

Nepalese friend who spent many years in Germany says that the problem with the Western people is that they keep everything themselves. Every small event takes place for one day when a small incident explodes and divorce begins. On the other hand, he and his wife cry while crying, and after taking them out at this time, they go straight away and they love each other unknowingly. I have written about this problem in the recent article. Is your heart shut or just busy?

I suspect that every Nepali is the same, although I am sure it is me. This is an emotional freedom. You are free to express your feelings because you are not worried about what someone thinks or says about you. This is the only way to lead true freedom and live a happy and healthy life. It has become very rare, entertaining to express with freedom, anger, feelings of annoyance and other negative emotions.

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